Individual ESR projects

Within SILIKA, a team of 12 highly motivated Early-Stage-Researchers (ESRs) is working towards a common goal. Watch the videos on this page to find out more.

To find out about their results, follow this link.

ESR: Navid Amani
Topic: Advanced system-level design approaches for irregular array architectures

ESR: Thomas Bressner
Topic: System-level design of hybrid analog-digital beamformer architectures for PAF reflectors

ESR: Amr Elsakka
Topic: Silicon Based Focal Line/Plane Arrays


ESR: Tomislav Marinovic
Topic: Radiating elements for sparse irregular 2D and 3D arrays


ESR: Marzieh SalarRahimi
Topic: The e-wall concept at mm-waves


ESR: Corné van Puijenbroek
Topic: Low-Power 30 GHz Receiver Frontend with integrated antenna for 5G


ESR: Artem Roev
Topic: Contactless Passive and Active Connections between Antennas and Transmitter Integrated Circuits


ESR: Eduardo Vilela Pinto dos Anjos
Topic: Broadband IC building blocks for antenna systems with Array Synchronization capabilities


ESR: Parastoo Taghikhani
Topic: Multi-Physics Design of Active Antenna Arrays


ESR: Mohammad Hossein Moghaddam
Topic: Calibration of antenna array systems and impairment mitigation methods


ESR: Adrián Lahuerta Lavieja
Topic: Optimal environment specific algorithms for MIMO


ESR: Amirashkan Farsaei
Topic: Optimized waveforms for massive MIMO signal processing